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    I want to be able to play audio from my tp on my stereo via Bluetooth. You can buy Bluetooth receivers that plug into your stereo for fairly cheap. Question is, am I able to do that with CM9 considering all the audio problems? And would I need an app to do that?
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    I play audio through Bluetooth on CM9 every day. Just pair the TP with the audio receiver, and you're good to go.

    I can listen to anything I want on my CM9 TP. I have yet to find an application that doesn't work.

    I use TuneIn Radio a lot. The only thing I've noticed is that the TP will sometimes reboot after I close TuneIn Radio after listening all afternoon. I don't know if it's a bug in TuneIn Radio, CM9's Bluetooth driver, CM9 in general or just that running the TP with all of the radios on all afternoon causes a minor overheating problem. It's not serious enough to be more than a minor annoyance.

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    I use Bluetooth on CM9 everyday to listen to Podcasts and Audio books without any major problems. There are several know issues with the audio subsystem in general (not specific to bluetooth). One is what Do Not Touch mentions where after listening to audio and closing the app the system reboots, and another is where pausing audio for an extended period of time causes a reboot. I have noticed both of these scenarios with Video also.
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    Thanks, good to know.
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    Looking forward to getting mine.

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