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    Ok I have the most recent build on my touchpad and i have the latest version of GAPPS. Now I want to know if I can free up more memory by removing some elements from the HP side. I have about 6 or 7 gb available on the "sd card" and I would like to get some more to add some movies. I rebooted to run WebOS and uninstalled any of the apps I downloaded but I want to know what else I can delete but not to mess up anything in case I need to boot in to WebOS

    Thanks very much
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    Bumping here! 125 views and nothing? Come on guys somebody out there has an answer!
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    Well deleting pretty much any non-essential or hard-coded apps on the webos side I guess...dunno what else you would delete. I thought the SD card basically was whatever info was on the TP side already.
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    Resize partitions? I wouldn't recommend deleting too much from webos, since you still need it to run CM. Check device settings and resize to your max free space size, prolly. You need to do that in webos, though. Try Tailor in preware.

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