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    I don't know if this has anything to do with android or if it is just a coincidence, but I've fried two HP micro usb data cables since I first put android on my two tablets in February. Just thought i'd throw this out there in case anyone else has had a similar experience. I don't know i f I'm just unlucky, doing something wrong, or what. Both went the same way. One day I plugged them I and they just aren't charging anymore. Facing two dying touchpads, in a pinch I wound up using the micro usb that came with my western digital passport external hard drive in the meantime to connect to my charger until I can replace them. Crazy.
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    No such problems here with charging the TP or the microusb cable not working. I find the replacement cables designated for samsung phones to work great.

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    It may be your TPs way of protesting the assimilation.
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    Quote Originally Posted by p41m3r View Post
    It may be your TPs way of protesting the assimilation.
    Resistance is futile....
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    I also have killed 2 cords. I can't imagine what could be happening to them, I though maybe the micro end had some pins wear out. I have seen posts on other forums about this also.

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    Interesting. Thanks for letting me know, Jeff.
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    My HP charger cord's near dead. It works if I pull the plug forward slightly in the TP micro USB socket. Switching to another USB cable works fine, so it looks like the HP cable has a dodgy micro USB plug on the end.


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