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    Quote Originally Posted by furball zen View Post
    You mean the wiki page? Yea, and i dont know how to do the term prompt on here. Couldnt you just link to it or PM it to me?
    It's only available from the Preware beta feed, since you need to consciously agree to the beta testing rules.

    -- Rod
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    Basically, find the page dealing with adding beta (and alpha) feeds and follow the step by steps.

    Just used Tailor to check and wipe out my Android partitions then merge with the main USB partition. The only thing I'd say is to not rush it. Be patient and it'll work without a hitch.

    More excellent work by Rod for which we can all be grateful for.
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    Quote Originally Posted by j_grouchy View Post
    I haven't received a response on my other posts asking this question, so I guess it needs a new thread.

    I was having problems getting the CM9 install to work properly, so I went through the uninstall using 'Remove Android' and I downloaded 'Tailor', but I don't really know what the heck to do with it. What exactly am I supposed to use Tailor for? It's showing three listings for I supposed to zero these out? What?

    Someone help. I'd like to get the installation done properly, but I need to work out the UNinstallation first. There is no documentation on Tailor that I'm aware of and I don't want to just randomly change ****** without knowing what I'm doing.
    Having observed your seemingly random posting of your "issue" around the site; did you by chance actually look at the Tailor thread in the webosinternals section of the forum? Because if you look at this post here (posted a full week before your started this thread):

    I believe that you will find the information you require to solve your particular problem.

    Tailor is a beta-app. By downloading it, you have acknowledged that you abide by the beta testing feed rules. While safeguards have been implemented; to paraphrase Rod W., there is still a greater than zero chance of something going awry.

    I wish you success.
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