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    Is Google talk incompatible with the TP running cm9?

    I can get Google voice...don't want that though.
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    I don't think gtalk or email would work on CM9.
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    I dont know about actual google talk as in two people both using google talk talking back and forth. But the way I have my phone and my tablet set up is when I get a text message on my phone, it gets forwarded to gTalk on my tablet and I can respond to it there. It works just fine. I use the app called DeskSMS on my phone to do this.

    Am I missing the question?
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    Anything that involves using the microphone on CM9A2 probably won't work on the TP. However using gtalk to im works perfectly fine
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    gtalk DOES work. in fact i chatted with few people yesterday on CM9 A2. I upgraded to nighly and it worked too
    i am using gapps0317

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