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    Ok, so using the Alpha2 build of CM9, on Amazon I was trying to download one of their free magazines to view on my Kindle app; it gave me instructions to install their Amazon App store (which I did), but then the TP with CM9 is coming up as incompatible once it installed; I went and purchased it anyways just to see if I could (which it let me, it's one of those free ones for 3 months or whatever) and it said to pick it up on their cruddy Amazon for Android app store, but it's not showing on there; I even searched and couldn't find the specific magazine.

    So I guess the first question is, does CM9 even support magazines from Amazon and that whole thing? Or is this kind of a lost cause to try? If it does though, then how do I get it to work? Any suggestions? And thanks in advance.

    Edit: Nevermind, realized I was trying to install one of those stupid Kindle Fire only offers, you'd think Amazon would make it a bit more clear when searching...oh well.
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