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    I have a bunch of books on the Touch pad side of my kindle. Now I cyanogen modded to android. I downloaded the android kindle app, but it doesn't detect my books.

    When I downloaded comic rack app for android, it automatically found my comics on the touch pad. I guess I thought the same thing would happen with kindle.

    Is there a way I can move or copy my kindle books over to the android side to get them recognized?

    Thanks for your help and advice in advance.
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    All you do is download them from your library account in the Kindle cloud. Amazon maintains your entire library of books in the "cloud." Be sure to register your Android Kindle if you haven't done so.
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    Okay I played around for an hour and a half and here's what I did. I used internalz in webos and copied the ".palmkindle" folder, then renamed the folder "kindle" instead. That allowed my android kindle app to recognize all my books, including books I had side loaded onto the touch pad. Looks good so far.

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