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    Only 173MB left on the "internal" storage, can I download directly to the SD storage or increase the internal?
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    What you'll want to do is transfer all the installed programs you can to the SD card in the setting to clear up space.
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    You can also resize your internal space CM7: Fixes for SDCARD issues - RootzWiki
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    You can also resize your internal space CM7: Fixes for SDCARD issues - RootzWiki
    Yes, even tho that thread is titled CM7, the part about expanding internal storage by taking it from the sdcard applies to CM9 as well. You will find it near the end of the first post. Here are a couple of pointers to go with it.

    A few people have been able to apply the memory patch to an existing installation with installed apps, but apparently most cannot get it to work unless it is a fresh install. Once it is on, if you ever run ACME Uninstaller, you will need to Re-apply the memory patch when you first reinstall CM.

    The best installation approach seems to be to make a Nandroid backup of your running system and copy it to your PC or NAS for extra safety. Now run the uninstaller, then start fresh with the most current official nightly CM9 (but hold off on the gapps). Once you have verified that CM9 boots OK, go back to CWM, wipe both caches, and then apply the particular memory patch of your choice. Reboot CM9 immediately to make sure all is still good and your internal storage is expanded, then go back to CWM and restore the Nandroid backup.

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