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    A lot of TP owners have loaded up CM9 and most seem to be working okay, but I am also sure there are many people frustrated when parts don't work as they expect.

    It might be helpful to note here that I download the latest nightly builds, but may or may not install them. gapps-20120224-signed is my gapps of choice and works well with my 32gb touchpad.
    I am currently using build night 26mar. everthing works properly. no complaints.

    i am using goomanager todownload the files and then rom manager via superuser toload them. i backup every time.

    i believe that the previous gapps file that was stable was 20120112 or something like that. it was back from January.

    goomanager, file manager and rom manager, plus superuser are all needed to make your life easier. remember, once you have something that workw, save that set up and back everything up. so much easier toreload an old saved rom.

    i am sure there is nothing new said here... but it felt good to type it out.
    sent from my 32gb Touchpad
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    Can you give us a link for the newest gapps please I installed nightly 20120327 today and can't get market to open at all now, I even put alpha 2 back on and still nothing
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