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    I decided to install CM9 on my TP and I am extremely happy with it. The only thing I miss is video playback of 720p/1080p MKV Files. Is there any capable player on Android?

    Do I have to switch to webOS and Kalemsoft Player to be able to watch those files?
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    Try DicePlayer Ad. from the Market (err excuse me the Play Store).
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    Ah, thanks. This one even plays 1080p without problems. MX Player works as well, just had to change some settings. Did not know you could switch between S/W and H/W (and keep using S/W sound).

    Well, I think I'll never have to boot webOS again.

    Except for one thing: What about the charging speed? I am down to 15% Battery and android tells me that it will take 6 hours to fully charge. That seems a lot slower than on webOS, or am I wrong?

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