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    Help! I can't boot into anything other than CM9 on my supposedly dual-boot Touchpad (bought on ebay). Every time I reboot, I get the HP logo, then the moboot (0.3.5) screen, listing six options - boot webOS, boot CyanogenMod, boot ClockworkMod, boot webOS recovery, reboot and shutdown. The trouble is, the screen is totally unresponsive to touch, and after a brief timeout (5 second, I think) it merrily boots into CM9. Once there, the touchscreen is absolutely fine.
    But I want my webOS!
    Any suggestions? Please, I'm desperate!
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    I like this post. It made me smile.
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    Quote Originally Posted by jakko View Post
    You use the volume up and down.
    Thanks, mate!
    Now that I know I feel such a <dork>.
    But honestly, having only ever used webOS on touchscreen devices, it just never occurred to me that a button can play any part in this conundrum.
    Thanks again!
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    Don't feel bad I just bought a TP form eBay with CM9. I ran into the same problem!! Took me about 15 min to finally figure it out.

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