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    I have the dreaded crack and am sending in my TP for repair on Monday 3/19. I have 3 questions.

    1. If I keep CM9 on the TP, will that void my warranty???

    2. If I uninstall CM9, should I back up things?? If so, how?

    3. How do I uninstall Preware and the patches?
    Thank you kindly,
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    1). Arguably doubtful, as CM9 could not possibly cause the case to crack (!) - but better safe than sorry!

    2). Go to Clockworkmod--> backup & restore--> backup - then find it in clockworkmod/backups via your PC/Mac and transfer/save the file (could be about 800Mb).

    You may want to save your Docs & Pics etc too?

    3). You won't need to. Do it via WOSQI if you really want to? Or 'Doctor' to 3.0.5?

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    You need to uninstall everything.

    Or take your chances.

    Find and read the thread by ncinerate CM9 on your TouchPad, Here's Your Get Started Guide.
    Somewhere in there it has the instructions on how to remove CM9 with ACMEUninstaller.

    Open Preware, Go to Installed Packages, Patches, and Remove all of your patches.
    If you are overclocked, install the Palm Kernel.
    Secure Full Erase your Device.
    Use webOS Doctor, then send it in.

    While I have NEVER heard of ANYONE having their warranty voided, these are the best steps to take, in order for that to lessen the chance of that happening.
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