I originally posted this on the rootzwiki forums but no one responded. I guess atm I'm trying to find out if this is an isolated issue with my cm9 install or if others are experiencing the same thing;

"I posted this in the cm9 a2 thread with no responses:

" I just want to confirm again that there seems to be a lot more static hissing in CM9 while listening to any audio (or not even while its playing) through headphones, to the point where it's distracting. There is a very minor hiss in webos (I've had 4 different units all having this, very easy to ignore), but it is amplified many times louder in android to where it sounds like I'm listening to an old hand radio when I listen to audio in cm9. Can anyone else confirm this?"

Firstly, I want to know if anyone else is experiencing this. Booting between webos and android the difference is like night and day sound wise. I love cm9 a2 like a child, but it definitely gets a dunce hat for this. Also, cm9 a2 is the first version I've used so I can't say whether or not it is due to the current version. "