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    Anyone else having trouble with the Scrabble app? Unzoomed, I see 5 copies of the screen on top, and lots of nose below. Still works, though. Zoomed, the aspect ratio is wrong and the bottom of the screen is cut off. Such a minor thing, but wondering if others are having the same issue. CM9 a2 on TouchPad
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    yes i do, it is quite strange to look at and buggy. also i cant find a spider solitaire game that plays right, you cant pick up sets of cards
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    I assume when they come out with a new update it may fix this problem. Anyone else notice problems on games.?
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    I can't stand the look of Scrabble so I just play word feud instead
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    word feud ftw!!!
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    @wevudo - "Spider Solitaire" by Mobility ware plays fine on my TouchDroid.

    I am seeing the same problem with Scrabble Free. Perhaps changing the resolution of the screen using "DPI changer utility" from 160 to 120 might fix it, but I'm happy with all of the other games mentioned in this thread working correctly with my current setting.

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    Scrabble and Words with Friends are pretty much unusable on CM7 or CM9
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    Quote Originally Posted by jakko View Post
    Words with friends work perfect on cm9. I'm playing it right now and it is optimized for tablets.
    I play a lot of wwf too and the only bug I see is the chat. I cannot seem to see the chat, tho I can type a message and send it.

    You having problems with that or is it just me?
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