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    Any recommendations for ad blockers for cm 9 touch pad? Thanks!!
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    +1 to ad free android, it even removes ads from a lot of apps.
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    Personally I'm having problems with all the ad blockers out there using alpha 2. When I have ad free or the other one (forget name) installed, going back in a browser takes two or three clicks for some odd reason. Sometimes it wontngo back at all. The back button just refeshes the current page. This is in any browser I've tried. If I uninstall them then things are fine. I think there is a bug in aplha 2. I miss my ad blocker but the back in a browser problem isn't worth it. I hope this gets fixed.
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    I could never get ad-free to work, maybe because I never put in my details when downloading the list thing.. I don't know.
    Somebody suggested Rom toolbox to me and it works perfectly, plus it comes with a load of extra functions for other stuff like overclocking, sd speed booster, font installer, icon changer a root browser and terminal emulator among other stuff.
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    Yeah toolbox works better IMO. There's a few apps that ads still show up in but at least I don't have the back button problem anymore.
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