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    for me, webOS workflow seems to be a lot better than android. The only pull that android has for me really are the apps.

    I want my TP to feel like webOS :-) this is not a tutorial but a pool of ideas that can make things more webOS like for people like me.

    1. the Cards metaphor aesthetically helped giving gestures to the edges.

    2. The photos app of webOS is really nice incorporating different services like facebook, Snapfish and Photobucket. In android, the app called JUST PICTURES! Can also do that and it adds more services like Flickr

    3. The email app of webOS I really like with the sliding panels and push email. The built in app of ICS for some reason cannot be push, and can only be set at certain interval. I was trying out k9 email but the push there is a hit or miss, so ideas here are welcome

    4. Glimpse. The developer of this app is currently developing for an android version. So lets wait.

    5. Twitter. I use glimpse as a Twitter client because it has thumb previews and can open links in the app via browser. The closest I come across is plume. Tho it opens to another app for the link's, it has previews of pictures.

    that's it for me. Anyone else want to add? :-) I know most new members probably bought the touchpad because it is the cheapest most capable for android installation.

    but for people like me who bought the touchpad because it's a webOS device primarily, android can be foreign land.
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    I get push email on the stock alpha 2 email client fine with my hotmail account.
    And as vivaportofino points out there is an app similar to webos cards which I also use, it doesn't feel quiet so natural as the webos cards but it's still early days for the app.
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    thanks guys the cards metaphor app is lined in my first post!
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