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    How do I find if I have the latest build? All I see in "About Tablet" is model number cm_tenderlion, android version 4.0.3...I am really confused....
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    If you go to "about tablet" in the settings (very bottom of list) One of the details in the right hand column says "cyanogenmod version"
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    Cool. Thank you. Mom always says if its right in front of me, I wont see it.

    I know there are nightly builds...I see where it says build date, build number. But I don't know how to compare that to the latest build....
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    Higher number = newer build.

    eg 1.1.5 < 1.1.7 (this would be a minor change)

    1.1.5 < 2.5.8 (more significant change)

    1.1.5 < 4.0.1 (major change)

    note the numbers were pulled out of my head, and don't correlate to any OS versions, just for an example.
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    ok, how do I compare this to the latest nightly build? I do know the build I have is 2/20/12. How do I know I have the current monthly build??? My cm version is 9.0.0 rco....
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    I have the latest build and it tells me the build date at the bottom of the display. Build number IML74K and build date 8/3/12 05:01am

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    ok, cool. My build is the same (IML74K). Date is 2/20/12.
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