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    hello chaps

    decided to install cm9 on my TP. Was considering cm7 but after reading a couple of threads, people seem to prefer 9.

    I've previously jailbreaked my iphones which was relatively involved , but I'm really struggling to understand these steps. Has anyone else done it on a mac and be prepared to walk my baby nuts through it?

    I mean I couldn't find the folder in which to create cminstall and also under the downloads for alpha 2.0 there are two links. Do I need them both? When I started to download them they both said something like 'loadsofbugs' in the filename?
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    <<thread moved>> Please be sure to post in the correct forums - thank you
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    sorry, I had multiple tabs open and thought I did post it in this category.

    I have read the cm9 get started thread but I've still got the same issues as I did in the original post...maybe installing cm9 is a little bit too advanced for me!
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    Just hit another stumbling block.
    After running terminal and attempting to run ACMEInstaller2 i got this meaage on my TP

    Looking for the install images...
    Initial install files not found.
    Please download it from
    and put in sminstall folder on media partition
    the name should start with update-cm and end with .zip

    Any ideas?
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    I did look at the YouTube video but noticed that it was for cm7.
    I thought that the steps to install cm9 would have one or two differences...hence the problems I'm runnin into.

    On the rootzwiki page under alpha2 there are two links: do I need to download them both and place onto my TP? I downloaded them both but the were identical so only put one of them on the TP.

    Also, the files I am placing on the TP have already been extracted/ computer done this automatically so none of the files end with .zip. - is that causing the issue?
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    put the installer/ uninstaller files in your home directory. Use the commands as is.

    don't use safari, use another browser, I think it unzips by default. I am not sure, I used chrome and it downloads as is.
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