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    I know that this is not the proper forum for CM9 threads, but I wanted those who don't go to the Android Forums to know about TWRP 2.0 (Team Win Recovery Project 2.0). It is a GUI recovery module that can replace CWM. In fact, it did for me.

    I discovered it in Reverend Kyle's (RevTV) videos on Youtube. He has a very good guide for installing it and deleting CWM if you desire. As I said, I did replace CWM. I like to use GUI's every chance that I can. This one is great! I actually used it to update ICS to Alpha 2.0 without using my computer.
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    I know CM9 is Cyanogen Mod 9, Android for the Touchpad.

    What is CWM?
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    CWM = Clockwork Mod
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