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    Did overclocking with webos and was curious if it was possible and what was done and how was it does.

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    I use 'Antutu CPU Master' @ .192 - 1.7Ghz 'Ondemand'.

    Seems fine.. but play and adjust to suit!

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    No-frills CPU Control or if you want to control everything System Turner.
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    Antutu CPU Master - 1.8ghz
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    I overclocked for quite awhile on CM9 with no issues (1.8ghz).

    I've since cranked it back down - in fact, I've even UNDERCLOCKED it a bit further (1ghz) without any real slowdowns or issues. Everything seems to run great (including games and GPU-using apps), and I'm enjoying the extra battery life.

    The system is damned smooth even at the lower speed - and in fact, most of the android tablets are running closer to 1ghz, so this is fairly "standard". I might crank it back up soon, but for now I'm using my touchpad a -LOT- during the day (doing an internship) and cranking things down is keeping it nice and charged all day long.

    Oh, one more thing - everyone should go into google TALK and LOG OUT!!! I dont know why, but it appears it auto-logs in google talk when you install CM9, and this actively runs all day long sucking juice. Kill it (log it out) and your battery life improves remarkably enough to mention .
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