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    I know this isn't suppose to be able to happen, but it just did to me.

    I rarely boot WebOS because once I had CM7 loaded that was all I used. I recently loaded CM9A2 and have been loving it.

    Today I decided that it likely wasn't a great idea to let WebOS get really out of date so booted it up and went through updated the apps that needed it and then over to Preware. There were about 23 items to update so I selected Update All. After a few successful updates it failed trying to update Muffle which I read has given others issues. I proceeded to update the rest of the items individually leaving Govnah and UberKernal for last. Everything went fine until I went to reboot into CM9 - I get the little Cyanogen Mod icon but instead of getting the funky boot animation the screen backlight slowly blinks on and off for about 20 seconds and the stays on with a blank screen.

    moboot comes up fine and I can I can boot into WebOS and ClockWorkMod. I tried wiping the caches - no joy.

    I guess the next step is to reflash with ACMEInstaller2 and hope that fixes it without a complete wipe.

    So much for thinking that I should bother keeping WebOS up to date.

    UPDATE: Flashing with ACMEInstaller did the trick and I didn't lose any config changes - whew!
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