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    hey guys, can anyone tell me how I can get my hp touchpad to play the music I downloaded from cyanogen mod 7, to the webos? I can't seem to find it in the webos music library...hheeeeellpp!
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    While I have cm9 installed I don't really use it at all. It does seem that it has access to the /media/internal folder so If I wanted to pass stuff from one to the other I'd probably make a directory in there (eg /media/internal/share) and put stuff in it from one to access with the other... Seems like that would work. Easy to access from webos with internalz or any good file manager.
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    Pretty much the same as creepingmee said. I just made a folder in the root called music and keep it all there. Both OS's pick up the music fine when they do there scan for new content.
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