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    So after spending the past 4 months on a cruise ship and back on dry land again I sent my touchpad to be repaired/replaced today. The 2 cracks had grown over the months to nearly 2 inches. I didn't have a case for it and i could always feel the cracks when I held the touchpad in my hands. I was able to to keep up with the Android progress and was pretty much using it all the way up to the latest ICS .06 alpha release.

    Anyway figuring to be safe, I uninstalled Android and used webOS for the past couple of days. I must say i don't miss it. Its funny that i never make a mistake typing in Android but on webOS i constantly make typing mistakes, its very frustrating. Browser still sucks even on 3.05. Its too bad too because webOS is a nice elegant OS. If I could put my android apps on it i would love it. I'd be happy if i could just put Dolphin browser on. I mean just give me one alternative browser will ya lol. Only thing i really miss is the cards. Other than that its pretty useless to me.

    Hopefully I will get my TP back in pristine condition. Ordered the HP case for it so even if it cracks again at least i won't have to feel it in my hands. ICS will be going right back on it.

    Blackberry playbook with android apps at BB for $199. Hmmm, tempting.
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    It's funny, before when I first got my TP about 2 updates ago the keyboard was fine, but I find it to be lacking after 3.05. Wonder if they broke something...

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