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    I just saw this on Twitter. Pretty awesome stuff, I'm assuming the stable build of CM9 will be a much better because of this.
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    Hopefully help them get over the bumps and finally get a stable release.

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    so there you have it folks.

    the touchpad was originally meant to be an ANDROID tablet.
    the hardware was not built with webOS in mind.
    perhaps that's why there is no true gesture area.

    android was scrapped for webOS instead...

    maybe the touchpad "go" was the only original webOS tablet.

    so hp, in the year they purchased palm, just semi-executed what was already in palm's roadmap in terms of smartphones, helping to cover costs/manufacturing for the pre2, veer, and pre3 that palm couldn't do on their own...and put webOS on a previously made tablet intended for another OS. Then they scrapped hardware plans in august...hardware that had MINIMAL R&D on webOS.

    so what again, did hp accomplish with webOS in the year
    plus they owned palm?


    makes me so incredibly mad...
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    Please check your timeline^
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    i don't think that really gives any indication whatsoever about what the tablet was intended for.
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    Seems like an awful lot of speculation to justify that anger...
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    Quote Originally Posted by peterlemonjello View Post
    Interesting indeed, hopefully it will speed CM9 development.

    I like the fact that the code was released for the good of the community with the help of some legal advice

    It doesn't really matter what the TP was originally designed to run now, it's going to do it all.
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