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    Hi everybody. I'm running CM9 on my TouchPad and I've installed the Square Up credit card reader. The app works fine and I've done a couple of test transactions with no problem. The issue I'm having is with the swipeer device which plugs into the headphone jack on the pad. The jack works fine for listening to music. Square Up support is no help so I thought I'd check here and see if anyone else is having problems.
    Thanks for the help.

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    Interesting, but I can't help and I don't even know anyone in business or otherwise using Square Up or similar technology. I'm guessing that it isn't that popular yet or costs more then standard non-portable scanners, which I can confirm.

    Either way, I'm still interested and hope someone can help. Sorli...
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    Thanks Sorli. The app is gaining popularity, I undestand, with small businesses or one-owner shops and those who do "portable" businesses such as food trucks, etc. The cost is much more reasonable than a merchant account through a bank or a PayPal account. I'm hoping some other folks here use the app on the Android side and have the dongle working.

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