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    when my touchpad with cyanogen7a3 on it reboots while I am in webOS (not android), I would like to know if I am able to have it default to webOS ...not to android which I only use occasionally ...can it be done?
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    Cyboot in Preware lets you choose your default OS.
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    in Preware, find and install Cyboot. You can set your boot options.

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    Quote Originally Posted by sledge007 View Post
    Cyboot in Preware lets you choose your default OS.
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    <thread moved>
    first: where should I have posted this in the first place?

    second: why not put a url to the thread when you say "thread moved" ...just a suggestion as I've seen mods do that in other forums on different subjects to facilitate maneuverability for simpletons like myself...
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    Because it clutters up the Forums if things aren't put in the appropriate area, and makes it hard to find for others that have similar problems. Had I noticed, I would have moved it as well.

    You are talking about Android on your TouchPad, and that's where this got moved to.

    Because it makes sense.

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    To answer your first question... in the forum the thread is located now.

    Second: We never post a URL when we post "thread moved" because doing so would only take you to the thread you are in. We leave a re-direct in the old forum so a shadow thread is still there - if someone clicks on it they are taken right here.

    As sledge said, we move posts when they are created in the incorrect forum and always leave a redirect post for a week.

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