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    Hi, I just did the install of Android 4.0 Cm9 alpha 0.5 but I don't have any Android MArket place app and so many of the videos I have seen with people doing this install have heaps of apps. Am I missing something or should the android market place be available?

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    And lastly, you'll want a version of google apps that will work on your Touchpad, you can find that here: Downloads - Browsing



    Ok, your touchpad is getting everything installed, but you're going to need to fix a few things before it will be as useful as you might like. When the touchpad finishes installing it's going to reboot into MOBOOT, a place that allows you to select which operating system you would like to use (webOS or cyanomod). You select between these by using the volume rocker, then hitting the home button to select. On your first boot-up you don't want EITHER of these options - you want to boot into CLOCKWORKMOD. Be ready when the touchpad begins to boot up, and immediately put it into clockworkmod.

    Now that you're in clockworkmod, you need to select "install zip from sdcard". You navigate this menu with your volume rocker and your home/power buttons. Simply use the volume rocker to go down to select install zip, and hit the home key to select.

    Select "choose zip from sdcard".

    Now scroll down until you see the file we put on the touchpad earlier (google apps file).

    Install the google apps zip you placed on the drive earlier.
    Install the touchpad touchscreen screen fix you placed on the drive earlier (
    This is probably what you missed.
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    I have the same problem. I booted without the Google apps. Also I cant boot into Clockworkmod from the moboot. Any suggestions?

    Thanks :/

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