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    Does CM9 have the same issue as CM7 where it will drop the SD storage once you load a large number of apps in the SD storage?

    With CM7 my TP seems to loose the SD storage after loading around 30 apps on it.

    I guess Netflix is also not working on CM9 yet??

    Would love to upgrade, but seems it will be better to wait till CM9/Netflix is sorted and waiting to hear feedback on app limits and battery life improvements.
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    Same thing happened to me in CM7.
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    Quote Originally Posted by bulldog-yota View Post
    With CM7 my TP seems to loose
    Just a pet peeve but this one seems rampant on the internet. The word is spelled "lose", not "loose". I don't know where this started but I see the same mistake made every day on a forum or a blog or commentaries on an article.

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