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    Crap. So here's the scenario. I have android dualbooted, and as most know, you select your OS in the beginning, w/ moboot.

    Well, my home button on my TP broke. That's how you select the operating system you want. So I'm stuck w/ CyanogenMod android w/ no marketplace because I never got around to it. To top it off, I pressed the volume rocker to get rid of the timeout, but now it's just stuck, because I can't select something w/o the home button. So I have to wait for it to die, and deal w/ an apples android.

    Anyone have any ideas how to save my ****? :[ Can't find a home button board ANYWHERE.
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    I can't bring you your home button back, but if you want to change the moboot to start with webOS:
    Install a terminal in android or use novacom/novaterm and do this:

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