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    Ok, I installed CM9 successfully on my TP and so far everything works great. I got some apps and most of them are working good. Now I want to add the movies I had on my TP that worked pretty good. I found that most mkv files played well as well as mp4 files but I had to convert to mp4 for a good playback. Now when I play the same mkv files I get a message that it cant be played on the default player. I downloaded a free player that recognized the video format but didn't play back very well. Maybe the resolution was too high, I dont know. I think the maximum resolution for the TP is 1024x768. If I take the same file and convert it to the TPs max resolution would it help? Or should I start from scratch? Should I use a video that comes from 1080p or 720p. I have a blu ray drive on my pc so I can start with either my blu ray copies or dvd copies since most of them are combo packs.

    Does anyone have a favorite converter that works well? Also from any of the free players available on the market are there any that stand out? The one I downloaded was the MX Video Player. It recognizes the mkvs but doesn't play them very well.

    Thanks very much
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    Personally I would stick to webOS for media playback now. Don't think video hardware accelleration has been added to CM9 yet so.

    Sorry this doesn't answer your question but hope it helps
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    I looked on the marketplace for a free video player and as long as the file was mp4 format it seemed to play fine. This player even had selectable hardware or software decoding. If the movie didnt play right, I switched to one of the other options and it was fine. I think it played better under software decoding if that means anything. The player was MX video player and it even had extra codecs for download if you had a specific tablet that was having issues with the player. I just downloaded all of them. So far all is well!

    Hope this helps others who want to watch videos. This dual boot rocks!
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    Well, There's already some excellent android movie players for TouchPad. My recommendations are mobo player which works on my touchpad well now, and I use Aneesoft video converter to do some video conversion and editings for me.
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    Well thank you helpy helperton! I was just stating that the player had THE OPTION to select H/W or S/W acceleration. Sorry if I didn't say it the right way. Got your period or something?

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