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    mostly everything is running well.. much much smoother than CM7 alpha 3...?

    altho there are a few thigns that doesnt work (camera, etc) dont really care about.

    theres one thing i cant figure out is why cant i plug the TP into my computer by usb...? driver wont install and comp doesnt show anything?? is it because its on cm9? it works fine on webos

    another thing... wifi still doesnt work correctly
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    wifi works fine on mine - the answer to your other question is:

    go to setting/storage and tap the menu icon in the upper righthand corner of the screen, tap USB computer connection and put a check in the box Media device(MTP).
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    oh ! i swear i looked in there before.. xD thanks !!
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    Quote Originally Posted by iandroo888 View Post
    oh ! i swear i looked in there before.. xD thanks !!
    Don't feel bad - I probably spent 2 hours trying to figure that out before I discovered what needed to be done (I was surfing the net reading all kinds of crazy stuff talking about ICS removing usb-file-transfer support etc, rofl).

    Anyway - that little fix works and life is good again .
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