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    Quote Originally Posted by independent1 View Post

    Also, it's "amended."
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    It's worth doing just to play around and get used to a few things before you install ICS, whenever that might hit.

    Subsequent flashes are MUCH simpler to do, you'll have a few Android apps already in mind, got used to the particular tropes of the OS (such as the, frankly horrible menu button), and so on.

    I'm running the XRONIFIED build, based on CM7 3.5. Rock solid, a nice ICS feel, and so on. It's decent for what it is.
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    OK, done. im writing this on android after setting it up within 30mins....its pretty good, incredable its that easy really.

    Johnbob,where's the build you used?
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    Quote Originally Posted by synthos View Post
    I had CM7 installed on the TouchPad for two months. I finally uninstalled it today. At first I put up with it because there were some apps, but I couldn't take it any more.
    "some apps" ? You're joking right? I've got so many great apps now that I'm bummed I wasn't able to get a 32GB.
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    Quote Originally Posted by independent1 View Post
    What do you know, you're right and I stand corrected. I learn something new every day.

    Still doesn't change the fact that you've effectively validated everything I said through your non-response to my counterpoint(s) and your staunch refusal to name the game you claim asked for permissions to arbitrarily shut down other applications.
    A little over reaching. I don't remember the name, it was one of the 10 cent ones for the promo and there were many, I had over 50 installed on the device. I've never seen Android before this so not likely I could make up something like that permission verbiage.
    I needed the space on the TouchPad and also have been promising to test Tailor for Rod for some weeks, so I uninstalled that OS (and also Linux) yesterday.
    One other thing I noticed was how cleanly webOS organized the media/internal partition as compared to Android which scattered folders and images everywhere (flooded my photos app with images from some "fart?" game? or was it a cat game with the cat farting?)

    Took a look last night at what the Kindle guys (pre-Fire) do for their mods and was impressed all over again by the simplicity of web-OS internals and the homebrewers.

    Nice to come home again and appreciate what I have.
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    My tablet spends most of it's time in webOS, but the dual boot lets me take advantage of a few specific apps when I want/need to, and options are always good.

    Now if we could just IOS and WP7 choices on the boot menu it'd be an ubertablet
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    Currently I also Dual boot. 90 percent of the time I'm in Web OS. I now have a android phone and for something already mentioned here I miss webos.. Calendar app, Email app (6 email addresses) These are just easier on webOS, On top of it now my CM7 alpha 2 just spins on booting. I havent had time lastly to get it fixed but hoping to see it soon.
    In a world of droid, Pre does it better.

    Shouldn't we treat this world like the Garden of Eden and avoid the apple at all costs?
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    I'm dual booting as well; like most of you, I spend most of my time in WebOS, because I like its elegance. But for those occasions when I want to stream a movie from Netflix, or play Pocket Legends or Order and Chaos, it's great having both options.
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    Alas, poor WebOS... we barely knew ye...
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    This was intended for another thread that got moved/deleted but it should fit well here:

    I installed CM7, used it for less than a day, got frustrated with it, then uninstalled it. A few days later I reinstalled it, spent 2 days tweaking it and installing software on it. I then forced myself to use only CM7 on my TouchPad at work and at home for 3 days. After the 3 days I switched back to webOS and only booted into CM7 every now and then to use Pulse Reader.

    I bought an Android phone and I needed space for NOVA 2 HD, so I decided to nuke my CM7 install. My problem with Android in general was the lack of uniformity across apps and the lack of tablet specific apps to replace the ones I use on webOS. The things that really killed it for me is that webOS does emails and calendars better without a whole lot of tweaking or trying out different 3rd party apps. Office productivity software is the same on both platforms with the edge going to webOS for the way it handles multi-tasking when producing documents. Since I primarily bought the TouchPad for work and email, webOS is the logical choice for me.

    As far as the apps are concerned, I liked NetFlix under CM7 even though the video quality is a low. However I have a PS3 and Wii connected to a 65 inch HDTV at home. Watching NetFlix on the larger screen is much better than watching it on the smaller one. I don't have good Internet at work and I'm supposed to be working anyway, so no NetFlix on the TouchPad there even if I had an app. The content on NetFlix is so old that when I have been away from home on vacation or visiting family I did not miss it. I also have Xfinity On-Demand at home which blows NetFlix away when it comes to recent stuff. NetFlix has been relegated to watching old movies or TV shows. I keep paying on it because my wife and daughter like watching it enough to justify the expense. Btw, I tried out the Xfinity app on Android. It is buggy as hell and doesn't play Hulu content. Then I found out that there is a "Hulu fix" for CM7 and I almost died laughing at the irony of it.

    High end games are so buggy and unpredictable on Android because of the fragmentation of hardware that I ceded that itch to webOS a long time ago. I like the low end addictive games on Android like Fruit Ninja, but not enough to put up with everything else. I found other low end games that feed my addiction on the TouchPad, like Big Boss, Grave Defense HD, Paratrooper HD, and Sparkle HD.

    I keep hearing about this excellent file sharing and multimedia support on Android but I have yet to find a video player/server set up on it that is even close to Kalemsoft Media Player. I found out that the built-in uPnP support on my Archos Android tablet was exclusive to Archos and not offered on all Android devices. I would just like one player in Android that played all of my files in my 300 plus GB library on my home network without converting files and a way for that player to see the files.

    I don't get excited about the different Android keyboards on the TouchPad as much as a did on my Archos tablet because I like the default webOS keyboard, especially with the navigation arrows patch. The Archos keyboard was plain and not accurate at all. It would pause and stutter while you were typing. SwiftkeyX for tablets was nice. I used the trial version but could not find a reason to pay for it. I tried out so many themes on it to make it not look so foreign on my tablet finally settling for one that looked like the webOS keyboard in black (minus the number row) so that was a waste of time.

    Web browsing on CM7 was hit and miss. All of the other browsers (Miren in particular) except Dolphin HD looked like and behaved like they were made exclusively for a phone (go figure!). The larger screen did not do them any justice. However, Dolphin HD kept crashing and the Flash elements on the screen were buggy as hell. At least Dolphin was being constantly updated. After the 4th update and a file permissions trick I learned from CGK, it settle down enough to be nearly reliable. I ended up using Pulse Reader to view the sites I normally frequent on the web browser making it kind of a mute point anyway.

    Last thing I want to say about CM7 is something that is specific to Android and I touched on it a little earlier, consistent look and feel. After spending some time on the desktop, especially in both a Windows and Mac OS environment, I have grown accustomed to programs looking and behaving the same. In fact I have a ritual on Linux that I execute every time I update or which distributions. I take about two hours setting up my boot screen, login screen, desktop theme, and fonts to look the same. I also install libraries and hacks that make the programs from other desktop environments (GNOME) to look and feel like programs for my favorite desktop environment (KDE). I actually give everything a Mac OS-X look and feel. The look and feel on webOS is excellent. Everything looks well and goes well together. I just change the theme and add a few patches to tweak system speed and I am done. I spent two days on Android tweaking the look and feel, downloading apps that complement each other, trying out different widgets, home screen apps, keyboards, calendar programs, email programs, improving performance, etc. That sad part about it is that I had to pay for most of the stuff I used to get the same level of functionality I got in webOS. I'm not cheap like CGK (), but I like to see a decent return on my investment that I did not see in Android. To sum it up it spent more time and money making it look and feel like something that others get for free. I swear that Google doesn't give a damn about the look and feel of any of their products, just adding buggy functionality.

    Even after all of this I may install CM7 again to give myself something to tinker with. I cleared up 3 GB worth of my kid's type of music off my TouchPad this week so I have the space again. I definitely don't want to tweak my phone. Sense-UI is working great on it as is, too bad email doesn't. However, I know I will be booting back into webOS to get work done. Good luck with your walk into

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    Heh, I should point that I'm not cheap when it comes to services, so I'll pay for things for evernote, spotify, dropbox and the like which have OS interoperability and the apps are provided free as a way to access a service - paying separately for the same app on multiple platforms? no thanks.

    Having said that my answer to the endless android/WebOS those days is pretty much... WP7 - for all it's current faults, on a personal level I prefer it to both.
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    Quote Originally Posted by CGK View Post
    Heh, I should point that I'm not cheap when it comes to services, so I'll pay for things for evernote, spotify, dropbox and the like which have OS interoperability and the apps are provided free as a way to access a service - paying separately for the same app on multiple platforms? no thanks.

    Having said that my answer to the endless android/WebOS those days is pretty much... WP7 - for all it's current faults, on a personal level I prefer it to both.
    You call yourself cheap all the time so I had to poke fun at you. I'm glad you mentioned Evernote. Check out this post on the Pandora patch thread:

    Twack did this in his spare time. I think he will keep it on the side as a pet project while he works on his paid apps, but if there is enough interest in it and money behind it he may give it more attention. Leave him a post of PM him.
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    You poke fun at me being cheap as much as you like as it's generally TRUE

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    So i wanted to chime in here- Im relatively new to Android, been trolling the forums mostly but decided not too long ago to take the plunge into the Android game. Got a Transformer Prime (for me ) and an HP Touchpad for the wife and Kid.. wife wanted a reader tablet and the kid wanted an "ipad".. he's 5 what does he know?!?!.. anyway-- The Prime runs ICS, i've never even seen ICS until i got this-- its super sweet, very fast and does what i expected a "Tablet" of that nature to do... Onto the TP...

    So we decided to get the 32gb TP b/c bigger is always better.. anyway, we had tons of issue's w/ Wifi, finally got that sorted out and i let the wife use it for about a week.. (she is an Iphone user w/ very little technical skills) I said, use this for a week- heres how you get to the app market in WebOs, heres where you do this/that etc etc... If in a week you're happy with it we'll leave it alone, if not and you want more apps/games etc etc then ill root it or whatever it is i did..

    needless to say, 3 days later it was handed back to me-- "do that thing so i can get some good games"

    Long story short- Houshould full of Android NOOOOOOBs and we wasted no time going to it on the TP. The device overclocked running cyanogenmod7 is super smooth, stable and you just cant beat the App's excluded... Once they work the kinks out of Cyanogenmod's ICS it will get loaded up..

    Oh and Dual Boot??? i didnt even tell her she could use WebOs still.. i dont think she would even bother.
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