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    Just found the deal on Reddit a few minutes ago, which is almost better than the 10 $0.10 Premium Apps for 10 Days on Google Market Deal. Hit up on CM7 and install their marketplace app.

    They've got a ton of Premium Apps for free for the Holidays, including:

    - Picsel Smart Office
    - Splashtop Remote Desktop
    - Fruit Ninja HD
    - TuneIn Radio Pro (WMA/MP3/AAC playback, enables recording/rewind of live audio)
    - Wave Launcher (Emulates the webOS 'wave' launcher fuily)

    Here's a list you can check out in your browser before installing GetJar:

    Happy Holidays, Touchpad CM7 Users! And for those of you new to the experience, welcome to the land of alternative marketplaces. Awesome!

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    Sorry, but I believe that here is not the right place to this information, because have no interest to webOS users...

    In top, I can see: "HP/Palm webOS Touchpad, Pre, Pixi, Veer Forums at"

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