i love webOS ive never owned a webOS product till my dad bought an HP Touchpad

well my problem is that when i try to install CM7 i follow the steps of a Youtuber

i do everything he says but when i hit enter on CMD my computer fan just starts and nothing happens, i leave it for 5 mins and nothing, i disconnect the Touchpad and the CMD says novacom drivers failed to load or something, then i restart it into webOS

ive done it on both a PC and a Mac atleast 10 times
and ive installed preware and it works and USB mode works aswell.

Could it be my model of the HP Touchpad isnt compatible with CM7??


32 GB Wifi & 3G
WebOS 3.0.4
Model HSTNH-129C

any help is appreciated, im not in a hurry to install android, the only reason i want it is for Netflix, if there were a Netflix app for the touchpad, i wouldnt need android because frankly, Android to me is a tacky, ugly OS