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    I just ordered an HP Touchpad that will be delivered this week. I'm wondering about all the emphasis on changing over to Android online. I bought my Touchpad to surf the web, watch YouTube videos, and play a few games while I'm at work. Will it do everything I need even though HP discontinued it? I don't have to have the latest and greatest games, but I would like more than 2 or 3 for a boring road trip. Am I good staying with WebOS? From what I can see on YouTube, it looks lke a great OS. And I love that the Touchpad includes numbers with the letters on the keyboard so you don't have to swap back and forth.

    I also have a Vizio 8" Android tablet on order that I'm going to cancel if I like the Touchpad (it is back ordered until January). I know this is a WebOS forum, but if anyone thinks I should go with the Vizio let me know. I believe it uses Android 2.3.

    Thanks guys.
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    You can install Android 2.3 on the Touchpad as well. I'd recommend doing so in addition to having webOS, since they dual-boot.

    That said, beyond that your issues may lie with a dire lack of apps and build quality more than anything with the Touchpad. Read through this forum and you'll discover a few nagging issues that tend to plague units though I haven't experienced them myself.
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    if all you want to do is surf the web,use it for ebooks,listen to music and play a few games than webos is great
    but it doesn't have tons of games or apps ,so if you want to hardcore game or have a million craplications then you might want to put android on it
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    See the link in the second post.
    I love physical keyboards... but there is two devices that would make me consider a slab, one is something running a full version of Open webOS. The other is an iPhone!!!! HA HA just kidding (about the iPhone that is)...
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    Here are some things that you may want that you can't get on webOS:

    Google Sky Map
    Cut the rope
    Up to date Angry Birds

    These are the things that are making me use Android now over webOS despite the lack of polish and the lack of UI smarts that webOS has. I use Swype almost as much or more than I do my physical keyboard on my Droid 2 Global.
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    The beauty of android on the touchpad is it's not an either-or choice. You can have both. They dual-boot and getting into and out of android and back to webOS is a 60 second process (less than 30 seconds to go from webOS to android, 60 seconds to boot back into webOS).

    Why should you ALSO have android on your touchpad if you're just a casual user who'll play the occasional game?


    Wiimote/bluetooth controller support = awesome emulation of nes, snes, playstation, genesis, etc.

    Much greater support of various games you might actually want to play that will likely never be available on touchpad (nova 2, modern combat, plants vs zombies, world of goo, the list literally goes ON AND ON AND ON).


    Better web browser capabilities.

    Better PDF viewing capabilities.

    Better implementation of splashtop (no 1+ second lag).

    Capacity to accept a bluetooth mouse/keyboard for use somewhat like a netbook.

    Better implementation of office allowing for proper doc/powerpoint/excel/etc viewing/editing.

    Proper support for blackboard learn if you're a student.

    A future. Lets face it, webOS is dead. HP will effectively abandon it, and most of the developers already have. Android, and ESPECIALLY ice-cream-sandwich (when it's available in a month or two) are the future of the device. Putting android on this tablet effectively makes it run with the best-specced android tablet on the market (or in most cases, outperform them). You can easily have this thing running as a 1.7ghz dual core android device, and it's filled with top-notch hardware from the touchscreen on down. Once the little bugs are kicked out of the system (probably after ICS is released for the TP), this thing will be -AMAZING-.

    One quick note though - CM7 alpha 3 is imho buggier than CM7 alpha 2 with the no SOD kernel that was released on the side. It has some artifacts on video etc in alpha 3 that wasn't previous present. This will be fixed, but we will need to wait on a new version to be released (likely an ICS version). In other words - you CAN run android trouble-free right now, but it takes some knowledge of whats going on and lots of tweaking. I recommend waiting on the ICS release soon. In the meantime, webOS provides a nice casual-use environment for your tablet.

    Here's some screenshots from my touchpad .

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    New to webOS? Here's my definitive Get Started guide:

    Want to dual boot Android on your Touchpad? Here's my guide:
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    Thanks for the replies. Is anyone working towards a permanent Android (not dual boot) for the Touchpad that can be upgraded to Android 3.0 and up?
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    The CyanogenMod team will soon be working on its Android 4.0/Ice Cream Sandwich port to the HP Touchpad, yes.

    But they've also committed to always being dual-boot, more or less as a favor at the request of Rod Whitby of webOS Internals and as a convenient recovery layer should something go wrong with a CM install (and it's pretty easy to install, mind you). Theoretically you could ditch webOS by doing it yourself, but you'd risk bricking it and nobody's written instructions for it as far as I'm aware.

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