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    (cyanogenmod 7) everything goes swimmingly, then it gets to the stage to go into DOS and type in all the text into palm, inc .. then i hit enter and .. zilch, nothing, not a bean, or am i just one of the unlucky ones ? cheers me dears
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    Sorry but with this description I guess no one has a clue what your problem is.
    Please provide more detailed info.
    There are videos on youtube which pretty much shows you the few steps needed.
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    I think that everyone thought this thread would be moved soon and nobody is supposed to post about Android here.
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    "where am I going wrong?"

    when you said andriod
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    I would make sure that you have the install program in the palm dir on your windows machine. I would also make sure that you have the correct programs in the cminstall folder on your touchpad.

    it worked well for me on the 4 touchpads I have added driod too.
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    Quote Originally Posted by rubenfan View Post
    "where am I going wrong?"

    when you said andriod
    <<staff edit>>

    anyway to the OP, i would head over here first

    Everything About Tablets | How to: Remove CynogenMod Android from your HP TouchPad

    just in case you did install some parts of cm7, and then head over here

    Everything About Tablets | How to: Install Android CyanogenMod on the HP TouchPad

    these were the instructions i followed. make sure that acmeinstaller is in the correect folder. good luck OP

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    <thread moved>
    Due to the cancellation of the penny, I no longer give 2 about anything. I may however, give a nickel
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    FYI... for those who don't know, we have moved the Android on TouchPad discussions to our sister-site...

    Please feel free to use the following forum to discuss Android on the TouchPad:

    HP Touchpad - Android Forums

    Thank you!
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