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    Hi I have updated my TP to 3.0.4 and it seems to have wiped out my CM7 install. Know the 1.7 Kernel or some of the patches don't work which I understand is normal as they needed to be updated.

    But for the CM7, is there anyway I may recover it? My TP's device info still shows the same amount of available memory as that after the CM7 so I assume the CM7 install is still there but somehow TP can't start with dual boot to boot into it? Is there anyway to install dual boot again?

    In fact I don't mind to erase or format everything to start from scratch. Just wonder how this can be done and what other way to erase the install so I can get the memory back? Thanks for all the time and help
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    Install moboot again and you'll find your CM7 install untouched.
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    Thanks but wonder how to reinstall Previously I followed this page instructions

    which tie the CM7 install with I assume I should not need to run these exact steps again as CM7 is already installed but I don't know how to just install by itself. Thanks again for all the help.
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    Install it the exact same way you installed it initially, just don't copy the other files into the cminstall folder, just the moboot ZIP

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