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    So, I have not yet delved into the faux-android experience that is the Cyanogen Mod yet. (I feel like i"m the only one) I have not done this for several reasons, but the biggest one being that I love WebOS. I have been using some form of Plam software way back to the days of my Sony Clie organizer; maybe 10 years ago.
    For me, WebOS was a selling point of the touchpad, not an obstacle. But the more I look at the forums the more I see people talking about the CM port and I am worried that once it is stable out community will abandon us. There is still so much more that could be done with webOS on the touchpad, by way of patches and HB apps; just look at what homebrew did for the pre. I guess I was just wondering how other people think the homebrew development of webOS is going to suffer once Android becomes a fairly simple reality on the touchpad?
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    Something Ive been debating, as Ive sort of started doing stuff for webos. All of which are already available on android, along with 4 trillion other apps.

    I have CM installed, and I like most of it. But I also like the UI for webos. Wish we could mash the two together or something.

    I am hoping 3.0.4? will improve things that make webos even better (oh please let the browser and startup times be better), otherwise I might just switch to android for almost everything. :-/
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    Although I do have an Android phone now (my Pre- was just no longer usable), I have no interest in putting it on my TouchPad. I do enjoy the speed of my phone and how things just work, but I sooooo miss Cards and being able to swipe to delete and close apps.
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    Having used Android (CM7) on a tablet for more than a year and having developed for both platforms (still a webOS newbie ) I can say a few things.

    1. Those who like the alpha of CM are going to be amazed by how far they can/will take it. Their work is nothing short of amazing and if ICS is half of what it is expected to be then something special will have to happen for webOS to stand a chance.

    2. Personally I prefer the webOS experience but our apps will need to come a long way in a short period of time to compete with the best of breed Android equivalents. How long will people hang onto webOS if 90% of what they do is being done in Android? It takes months and $ to develop a good application from scratch and so far when most major dev shops are asked they say they are not porting or developing for a dead platform. If I start developing a great browser from scratch today how many users will be around in 4-6 months that are willing to pay for it?

    I don't mean to sound negative but I am being realistic. I hope HP does something right this time and webOS lands in the hands of a company that will embrace the webOS community and breath enough life into it to survive long enough for dev shops to put out more apps that compete head to head with Android and iOS. At that point webOS fans can brag about more than the cards, stacks and gestures we are all so fond of.
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    Rod put together the webOS Survival Kit, so even if HP pulls the plug on webOS completly; webOS can live on. If/when that happens, Homebrew will be the only thing keeping webOS alive.

    Homebrew isn't going anywhere.
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    Like someone said before: Just ask the Newton or Amiga community
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    Look what happened when they tried to force Tony Montana to use Android...
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