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    Stock Android browser is not that good. Dolphin HD browser on the other hand is a huge dramatic improvement over any mobile browser I've ever used. Blows away everything period.
    That I agree with. And you can change the User Agent from within the browser. Very nice....
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    Quote Originally Posted by fsx100 View Post
    That I agree with. And you can change the User Agent from within the browser. Very nice....
    Yeah, I love this in Opera mobile as well.

    Tap tap, change user agent to desktop, tap. Done.

    That's something everyone should do, as getting served mobile sites all over the net can be a bit annoying.
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    I second the Opera Mobile browser. Not only is it much smoother than the stock browser (since its GPU accelerated), it also would fix your bookmark issue since you can organize them in folders. Unlike firefox, it also plays nice with flash. The market filters it out, but you can download the apk file from Opera's site and install it with any file manager.

    Also, try the A.I.type tablet keyboard. It has a split mode like most tablet keyboards, but like the webOS keyboard also has a number row on it.
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    Pop over to opera's facebook page, and talk it up who knows it might help

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