View Poll Results: Do you plan on (or already have) dual booting your TouchPad with Android & webOS??

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  • Heck Yeah! Already loaded the Alpha release & loving it!

    14 42.42%
  • Yeah, once it hits Beta or final build, I'm all over it!

    14 42.42%
  • Maybe, I'm not sure yet. I'll wait till the final release & get feedback from the community.

    1 3.03%
  • No! Nope, Never, ever, ever!! Android will never touch my TouchPad! webOS for life!!!

    4 12.12%
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    At first I didn't care about any Android ports to the TouchPad, but once I saw the video today of the Alpha release I became very interested in getting the dual boot on my TouchPad. Even though many people are saying the Alpha version is pretty solid, I will wait until it hits either Beta or a final build (I'd rather not deal with many bugs, or unexpected craziness).

    At the very least, I say it's worth it just for the Netflix app. Seeing how well they progressed with Gingerbread, I'd say once Ice Cream Sandwich is released, things will be even better. I can't wait to try it out.

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    I'm running it already, my ultimate goal is single boot ICS.
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    I'm running the alpha already. I'll replace Gingerbread with ICS when the build is ready.

    WebOS will always have a place on my Touchpad though. It's too pretty to wipe it away, even if it could still use some work.
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    When the beta or final build is ready I'll throw Gingerbread on it. Since Ice Cream Sandwich is made for phones & tablets, I'm definitely looking forward to that port more than Gingerbread. In any case, I'm always going to go for the dual-boot option. I like webOS too much to replace it with Android on the TP. A dual-boot is like a 2 in one tablet. To me, that's definitely a win.
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    Prob not I love webOS and not giving up yet

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    Running both, I am an android guy so its freaking great but I have come to really like using webos for work (with the exception I cant use webex on webos)

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