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    Hi - I seem to have bought one of those 16GB HP Touchpads that was pre-loaded with the development Android version people have been posting about. It doesn't do anything much, and I want to wipe it and get back to WebOS (at least until someone develops a fully functioning Android for these things). I've tried downloading and running WebOS Doctor, but it is stalling after connecting to the PC on the grounds that the PC cannot find the appropriate drivers - whoever put Android on this thing stopped it from being recognised as a Touchpad! Can someone point me to the right drivers to direct the system to when I get to that screen, in the hope this overcomes the problem? Also can't get to the USB screen people seem to be suggesting as a fix here on account of the device having been set up differently (before anyone suggests that!). Any assistance greatly appreciated.
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    Can't you just return it and exchange it for one running webOS?
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    Maybe, although I bought the thing on Ebay so may struggle.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Bajingo View Post
    Can't you just return it and exchange it for one running webOS?
    Tough call....they're sold out everywhere, except eBay.


    You could send it in, maybe HP can flash it.

    Try contacting @webosinternals on Twitter or HERE in their forum and see if they have idea for you.
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    hey you should try contacting someone on Cyanogenmod's team. I bet they'd love to switch touchpad with you! It could totally help them out with the android porting too! One of the guy's Twitter is
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    Do not return it. That should not even be an option.
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    There's already a dump of the firmware on it in the wild, so I dont think it would help someone on the Cyanogenmod team that much. I would contact HP and see if they can help you out.
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    Thanks all - very helpful. I suspect I will struggle to get any love out of HP as I am not the original purchaser, but I will attempt to link back up with the seller on Ebay and see if we can make some progress that way. Thanks again.
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    This MAY help you, try the volume/power button combo to try to get it to boot up in recovery mode.

    Two Ways To Flash Or Recover HP TouchPad Back To Stock | Digital Tweaker
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    Hi - thanks for this. Just for completeness in case anyone else has the same problem and is searching this string, I did try that a while back after reading about it elsewhere but to no avail. The reboot just goes back into the same OS the tablet was loaded with when I got it. For the record, I've linked back up with the seller who is going to seek some redress directly from HP (from whom they acquired the device). However, thanks again all for the helpful posts. Cheers.

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