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    Where's the best website or forums to keep up to speed on the droid port? Was playing with my friends Samsung today and I'm just in love with the OS. It all just makes sense to me. Not a post to start any arguments.
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    How about trying google, or a forum where someone gives a flip about Android.
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    Quote Originally Posted by muyoso View Post
    XDA-developers would be a good place. They have a Touchpad section set up already and its where I get most of my news.

    Oh and don't mind this guy^, he is just cranky about the entire Touchpad first page for the most part being filled with complaints about WebOS and the Touchpad.
    You obviously haven't checked out the first page lately. I see a lot of people looking for help with certain things - you may consider them to be complaints about webOS in general but I already know where your heart lies.

    I do have to admit, I love reading about microscopic dots, it being too hard to swipe a card away, the TouchPad being 140 grams heavier or 4.9mm thicker, claims that there aren't any quality apps or that if there is an app available that it's too expensive, and any number of other silly niggling "issues".

    Maybe it's just me, but I don't go around to Android forums to tell them how crappy I think Android is. Why do you justify people doing it here?
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