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    Honeycomb has improved greatly from 3.0 to 3.2. I wish the tablet-optimized versions of apps would come a little quicker (Words with Friends tablet app is great), but other than that, no complaints with 3.2.
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    Quote Originally Posted by jamex View Post
    I have used a Palm Pre for over a year and there is nothing special about the WebOS UI. It is bland and barely has any customizing options. You get 4 or 5 icons on a home screen and that's it. With Android I can have multiple home screens and add as many shortcuts, widgets, various folders etc so I can have quick access to what I need. I can see a twitter post on the home screen so there is no need to launch anything.

    The cards multitasking is OK but I also find it a bit annoying or I should say lacking. Opening web links opens new cards until you get that dreaded too many card error which I also got with nothing open. That proves that the WebOS memory management is buggy. I also didn't like having to keep cards open for an app to continue running.

    The UI is extremely laggy to the point that people have to overclock it from 1.2GHZ and it is still laggy after doing so.

    I think the Android UI looks fantastic and so do many of the apps. It runs smooth and loads things quickly while you have to wait 10 seconds to open a pdf app with barely any functions on WebOS. The majority of WebOS apps are so poorly designed and lack polish. Many of them would be laughed at if they were on Android.

    Everyone’s entitled to their perception, but yours is certainly a minority one here, but that is the beauty of having choices!

    I’ve had a Sprint Pre (1.4.5) for a year and a half and a Sprint Evo4G since June (I would rather it would have been a Pre3, oh well) and I’ve had the opportunity to make some direct comparisons. I do not disagree with you about the difference and choices in apps between webOS and Android, but I’ve made some other observations as well. I used HanDBase PalmOS in Classic and now have the Android version. That does do what I need it to do but the mature, full featured PalmOS version was so much nicer to use and had more functionality. I’m sure the A version will catch up but just because PalmOS applications haven’t been updated doesn’t mean they are outdated or are not as useful as the newer “just getting out the gate” Android versions. Another comparison is I used Iambic’s Agendus through Classic and now use CompanionLink’s DejaOffice. Again, DejaOffice (syncing with Pimlical Desktop through CompanionLink) does what I need it to do but it is no where near as polished or feature rich as Agendus (or Pimlical’s DateBk6). The point of my making these observations is that if they had maintained Classic the webOS peeps may have retained some more of their original customer base, rather than have them wander off to the A-factor or worse (I don’t want to use the “I” word or the “w” word). I was in direct commission sales for over a decade so I’ve had some experience with customer retention strategies.

    You get 4 or 5 icons on a home screen and that's it. With Android I can have multiple home screens and add as many shortcuts, widgets, various folders etc so I can have quick access to what I need.

    With my Evo I have 7 screens and on the Pre I only have 3 (and on the Pre one needs to tap the “up arrow” to get to the screens ~ big deal, NOT. Android puts a limit on how many icons I can put on a screen (only what will fit in the visible field), my Pre seems not to. I have 22 on screen 1, 12 on screen 2, 11 on screen 3, with vertical scrolling. I’m not sure what the difference would be between vertical scrolling on the Pre and horizontal scrolling on the Evo ~ six of one and half dozen of the other in my book.

    Just checked and I concede that a pdf loads much faster on the Evo, though on my Pre, though it only takes 5 seconds not 10 (and I’m not over clocked and I have a much older version). I have NEVER, EVER had the dreaded too many card error, EVER, though with the Evo I’ve had my fair share of “forced closes”, likely (from what I’ve read) because Android won’t properly close the apps when I want it to. I do know that I’ve had to do as many (if not more, it’s not a metric I’ve charted) “hard boots” (i.e., pull the battery out to get the think to reset) with the Evo in just 2 months as I’ve had to do with the Pre.

    I’m happy you are enjoying Android. I tolerate Android because it has apps I need for work that webOS doesn’t (without Classic). I still maintain that webOS is a vastly superior OS and hope for its future revival.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ziggo0 View Post
    Just putting it out there, those $100 chinese android tablets while crappy hardware, aren't badly manufactured and work fine...they are quite nice for browsing the web in bed or playing videos on the go. For $100 that is.
    videos on go with 4gb storage or even 8gb? Choppy at best
    I'm not here to criticize the Touchpad but to learn how to make it better.
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