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    Dual-boot, everybody's happy?
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    wait, not even Honeycomb? really?
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    Google hasn't release the source code for Honeycomb to the masses. It's only available to hardware manufacturers.
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    A very small percentage of new touchpad owners (less than 10% I'd say) will put Android on it (if it ever becomes stable). (IMO)

    Most people bought it because they can't afford (or didn't want to pay out the *** for) an iPad or Android tablet but still wanted a consumer device. They will stick with WebOS and most of them (hopefully) will fall in love with it like the rest of us have.

    HP has already said that they will continue development of the OS, which means that apps will continue to come, updates will continue to come, and support will always be available here.

    I have faith that an OS as awesome as this with a community as devoted as us will be able to survive the stupidity of HP.

    Now...LETS GET WEBOS ON ANDROID DEVICES! Daddy needs a new phone now
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    Quote Originally Posted by blinktreo View Post
    So, let me get this right:

    webOS is an awesome OS (albeit with fewer Fart apps), but has only been produced on crappy hardware.

    Android is a crappy OS (albeit with bajillions of Fart apps, depending on which distro) that has come out on state-of-the-art hardware.

    So, you're all excited about putting a crappy OS on crappy hardware?

    If life was black and white, then you'd be right. However life is more complicated and you have oversimplified a complex issue.

    WebOS is an elegant, great OS with a lot of potential (emphasis on potential). If the word "Potential" sounds familiar in association with WebOS it's because everyone down to the critics agree with this statement. Why is WebOS only at the potential level and not prime time?

    • Uncertain future (this has been ongoing since PalmOS)
    • Still a little buggy (almost but not quite there)
    • Lacks Devices (Pre users don't have options for their old cracked phones anymore)
    • Lacks Apps (I've been waiting many years for critical apps)

    Unfortunately due to all the history and negative events associated with WebOS means even in the case where another company purchases WebOS and is committed to making it a competitive OS, it will likely fail. HP was WebOS's best shot and if it can't do it, nobody can. It would now take twice the money HP would have spent to win back customer interest. And it would have to be a success on it's own before any Dev's came back, which means all the apps would have to be created in house or through paid developers.

    It was damn ugly in the beginning and that's why I went with WebOS but since then it's been growing into a beautiful swan. Is it perfect? probably not but I have a feeling with some rooting and modifying anyone could get it to be an acceptable replacement for WebOS. There is a bit of euphoria that goes through your body when you experience all the support and available apps for it (a new and wonderful experience for longtime WebOS users). Browse the Android Market and it will ease a lot of your misgivings for leaving WebOS.

    There is no perfect answer to the dilemma that current WebOS users face right now. And not everyone will pick the same path but it stands to reason that there is a crisis that has fallen upon our community and the forums stand as a way to deal with things like this. This thread isn't so much about promoting Android but to educate WebOS users to a possible option if they so choose. I assure you nobody wished for things get to this point and if for some miraculous reason WebOS did make a come back, I and everyone would return to WebOS. But for right now a lot of people need to look at their current situation and even to the future. We are all community and we are here for each other.
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    Android is still ugly, not user friendly, and has no easy way to multi-task. So yes I will stick with webOS. For as long as I can!
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    One of the guys at work went to Best Buy saturday to get an hp touchpad, it already had android on it.

    Video #1,
    Video #2,

    No comment here, just providing the latest news. The tablet is apparently being dispatched to dev's at Android-Central. By way of this news, I'd say we could expect some Gingerbread on our TouchPads very soon.

    Good, bad, real, fake, who knows? We'll See.
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    Old news. Video seems to be fake by most of the comments. If this were real, we would be hearing how the conversion is successful in our own forums and many people converting.
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    Don't be so sure. The same kernel shown during the video can be seen on page 8 of that's a pretty good corroboration if you ask me. Another person has come forward at another forum claiming to have received the same TouchPad. Again, this could all be fake. But if so, the fakers are most certainly doing their homework and only time can tell.
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    Double post due to Gateway timeouts and being served a welcome page via Apache. Seems like Precentral is having a few issues tonight. See the post below and OP.
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    Ah, I mistakenly pasted an incorrect link in the OP, here is the second video by the same person as the "old news". Check out the model number, MSM8600 aka the 1.2GHz Snapdragon SoC, by Qualcomm. Seems pretty convincing to me but we'll see.
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    If it is a fake, it is masterfully done. The guys reflection is in the touchpad's reflection, the screen responds to his touches. The guy appears to be 30 to 40, and therefore would not be a typical prankster. Some teen or 20-ish year old would be more prone to pull such a prank.
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    Agreed. With the second video, I'm a believer. Then again, with the tech info that I dug up and subsequently matched to system information from the first video; I was about 75% sure that we were witnessing a 'reference' android build put out by Qualcomm. Something a la prototype hardware.

    There are tons of videos on YouTube of Android running on the MSM8660 hardware, this simply appears to be a Qualcomm team version of Android. Lets not forget about those blaming Qualcomm for the TouchPads failure, AnandTech - It's Not Qualcomm's Fault: Dispelling TouchPad Myths. Certainly the Qualcomm team needed benchmarks on platforms other than webOS for the hardware to make its claims of software being the issue.

    For those who believe this type of slip-up simply couldn't happen, lets not forget about the infallibility of Apple and their development software slip, Apple Accidentally Shipping White iPhones With In-House Software?
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    Quote Originally Posted by deesugar View Post
    My friend, HP want's nothing to do with WebOS anymore. That's the whole reason for this.
    O.M.G. What part of "HP isn't going make hardware, but is most definitely interested in webOS" don't you understand? HP wants to put webOS on other products. They're still going to support webOS.

    And it's webOS, not WebOS.
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    Quote Originally Posted by wbdillworth View Post
    O.M.G. What part of "HP isn't going make hardware, but is most definitely interested in webOS" don't you understand? HP wants to put webOS on other products. They're still going to support webOS.

    And it's webOS, not WebOS.
    People are concerned that HP is just saying what they need to say. I haven't followed it that closely, but have they said anywhere what they mean by "interested in webOS?" How does continuing to update it even fit into their (what seems to be anyway) goal of becoming an enterprise focused company?

    I think it's a fun OS, but it's not a religious experience. I bought a few apps and wouldn't mind it if there was official support or if homebrew keeps it viable, but as an admitted nerd, I'm putting Android or Honeycomb on it first chance I get.

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    HP is not interested in webOS or WebOS. They are interested M-O-N-E-Y.

    If you followed companies like HP you'd see that when they are sinking they will say anything to keep their customers and the general public believing everything is great and "Products are coming in months" or "This is a marathon not a sprint" or "We believe in webOS"... I could go on and on
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    Have you seen this video?

    Claims to have a tutorial on how to download and install Android 2.3 on a Hp TouchPad, but looks more like setup for a Rick Roll. Also it's past the time.
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    This chat log should give you a good idea of the status of the project.
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    Someone bought a TP from BestBuy and it came with Android 2.2 or so he claims. Look how fast things load. That's what the TP should be without these long load times.

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    Where does it stand currently? I have been looking for an update thread but can't find anything.

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