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    I'm curious even though I like and prefer WebOS over Android with the recent fire sale pricing drop($99 16GB/ $149 32GB) on the TouchPad how long do you think it might be before someone figures out how to put Android on the TouchPad?

    The reason I think the potential is there besides the unknown with WebOS is now at this price the tablet is priced lower then what the estimated value is for the hardware internals $250ish. If you were to go out and buy a stock Android based tablet you will spend a heck of a lot more then you would on a touchPad.

    Also there are already quite a few windows phones that can dual boot Android roms. So I would not be surprised to see the same thing happen to the TouchPad as it looks to use pretty standard hardware inside by looking at the ifixit teardown.
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    With the future of WebOS less then certain I think that's a fair question to ask. Not just for new TP buyers but for those early adopters that are worried about options for the future.
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    Heh I'd figured I get flamed for posting this here :P

    Actually I'd much Prefer WebOS and intend on using if I get my hands on a TouchPad tomorrow. Android for me would just be a backup(possibly in dual boot arangement) in case WebOS suddenly dissapeared completely, ceased to function, or could not do something that Android might in the future.
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    hrm I just checked and it does seem like there already quite a bit of support for this over at XDA Dev:

    [Q] Install Android on TouchPad? - xda-developers
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    I want all these android noobs out of here. i hope it NEVER gets ported.
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    Quote Originally Posted by giggles View Post
    I want all these android noobs out of here. i hope it NEVER gets ported.
    And "Stay off my lawn you damn kids!"
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    This is ********. webOS is what made it great, not the hardware.
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    sweet...dual bootin' tp.
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    To be honest I realy hope HP can pull off a miracle and keep WebOS alive by licensing it out to other hardware vendors. Even more so since I have a relative that works for Palm now HP on WebOS. However unfortunately the likelihood of them pulling it off and keeping it alive is extremely slim to non existent at this point
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    Thomas Sohmers
    Team #touchdroid… we are porting #Android to the HP Touchpad. Team consists of @ProTekkFZS , @rhcp011235, @Framework43 and me. $99 TPad FTW!
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    good more marketshare
    If this helped you hit thanks.
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    Best of luck to them. Hoping that it works via some kind of dual-booting too.
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    Think they'll do it?
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    millions of people will buy TP now for any and everything, win win, just like kinect is being used by everyone, so will TP, Buhahhaha
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    Quote Originally Posted by FenrirWolf View Post
    Best of luck to them. Hoping that it works via some kind of dual-booting too.
    That'd be awesome
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    hell id love honeycomb dual booting but my question is, one reason I don't buy into android is it's diversity. What would it support as far as apps? From what I hear there are many apps missing depending on the device so I'm curious how that would work for us. I think they have Netflix if so, someone please port it! I want Netflix splashtop and doc editing and this purchase will be even more worth it lol. Get to porting us some honeycomb you smarter devs then me!
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    ill put android on. ill miss webos but if they dont really do more updates then whats the pt.

    guess we'll see what the future holds
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    <thread cleansed>

    Folks, if you see a post that violates the rules, hit the report button. Being rude and throwing names out there isn't acceptable. Thanks
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    I can't see why they wouldn't put android on the Touchpad. It uses the exact same CPU and GPU as the Evo 3D. The resolution is almost the same as well.
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    Imagine, all the apps you've been wanting right there and ready to be use. I'm getting giddy just thinking about it.

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