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    all I know, is I bought $1000 worth of headphones at bestbuy, tried then ALL out there with my HTC inspire, put them ALL back and returned them... I kept the beats, they sound awesome! lol

    and yes, the employee was looking at me like I was crazy, but how are you supposed to know with out trying them out?!
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    Isn't a part of Web OS a window manager that runs on top of the linux kernel. Isn't a part of android a window manager that runs on top of the linux kernel. Then wouldn't it be possible to run seperate window manager sessions to run Web OS and Android at the same time? Couldn't we possibly also run Gnome? From what I understand, the Motorola Atrix runs Android, and a seperate session for Ubuntu when docked. IMHO Web OS + Android (+GNOME ) would put the touchpad ahead of the pack. Looking forward to the hacks!
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    here's hoping!
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    That top thread is on it's third lot of pages, they continue them when they get too big, it's first or second title was "HP TouchPad - Pure Unobtainium! "
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    I would really like to see Ubuntu with their Unity on the TP, because Unity has some heavy advantages on Touchscreen and small screen devices (bigger Icons in a Dock, apple-menue-bar to get more high for windows, etc.)

    but a main problem i see is: there are no hardware driver in the linuxkernel for the things build into the TP. and as they are most proprietary its not that easy. and i dont know if a kernel can match to webOS, android and Ubuntu at the same time.

    But i would love to see smth like gdm, where you can log into a android session, a ubuntu one or webos as you like
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    can't stand Unity on my laptop. Much happier with GNOME on my desktop. Unity is slow on the laptop, I have issues with its functioning well, and using it is much slower to me. I heard their is already an Ubuntu port being tested. Can't wait to get my touchpad, and start compiling apps...
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    Guess this initiave is what you (and I) would like to see. Official: Palmdroid Development Thread (android app emulator for WebOS) - xda-developers
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    Beats is just best practice hardware (same as you will find in any manufactured product from a company that cares about sound quality), a range compression algorithm, and a low pass filter to highlight bass. It's not nothing, but it's also not audiophile (listen to Jazz on any beats product and you will see why). But to answer your question, an Android port will for sure keep the better hardware and the range compression, which seems to be built into the hardware. You may lose the low pass filter depending on how the drivers are written.
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    <<threads merged>>
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    Quote Originally Posted by dbmgreen View Post
    Posted the wrong pic edited correct now
    there wasn't even a pic when i posted earlier.

    the thing that i find funniest is that they've used the android tablets forum.

    a premonition perhaps?
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    Good (sad?) news over at rootzwiki! Android 2.2.1 that was found preinstalled on a Touchpad has been dumped. I'm loving webOS as much as I love Android (I've had a droid phone for >3 years now) so this both excites me and saddens me cause I'll eventually have to choose between the two once that option becomes available. Head over here to get the dump: [DUMP] Android 2.2.1 Dump from HP TouchPad courtesy of Androidball and Jiwanish
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    ew why would anyone do that to their lovely webos touchpad?
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    No thanks.
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    Yes, Aussies are using that forum it seems since that is where the news broke of the TouchPad firesales at Harvey Norman in Australia. The forum is full of tech-heads in Australia and the news of the firesales has sparked something really huge here, where previously it seemed that few were interested. There have been far too few TouchPads to please the people on that forum and many are trying to import a TouchPad.
    They are using the Android forum since they were all interested in the Android platform prior to the firesale. The forum is yet to have a webOS section so they are still in the Android section. lol.

    I had already purchased my 32GB TouchPad (for $598) before it was on firesale....and luckily for me I had since I didn't know about the firesale and would have missed out....and I was able to get a refund to match the firesale price. Anyway, HP suddenly has a market in Australia but isn't likely to sell any more TouchPads here.....very ironic.

    I'll pop in there again and remind them of Precentral. They have been told before....but they were posting so frequently I think it was hard to spot. There are so many webOS/TouchPad posts that there is no way to keep up. lol
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    Where did someone get a touchpad with android pre-installed on it?
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    From the looks of it, it may have been done by a Qualcomm employee (or at least the youtube videos seem to hint at that).
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    Quote Originally Posted by CGK View Post
    Where did someone get a touchpad with android pre-installed on it?
    both the HTC puccini and the TP share alot of internal hardware. There was testing going on, on the TP internally to make sure Android would run. So far 4 have been found. Why you would want froyo on you tp is beyond me. if it were honeycomb, then maybe
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    Quote Originally Posted by gastr View Post
    ew why would anyone do that to their lovely webos touchpad?
    Android 2.2.1 wasn't designed for a tablet so yes it IS ewww at this point. But this dump with give the team a head start on porting Honeycomb and, later on, Icecream Sandwich. Have you seen previews of Icecream Sandwich? It's no webOS but it's still a gorgeous tablet OS nonetheless.
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    when Palm stops issueing webOS updates, I might look into that. So far, they haven't stopped and have said that they won't stop.
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