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    Does any body else get errors when using the Forum jump at the bottom left of the screen...

    Keeps on giving me errors.... it used to work fine....
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    It seems to work fine for me. I was getting some errors with other menues earlier today, so whatever it was may be working now.
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    just tried it again, and still not working... this is the link it was trying to go to....
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    Which forum is that?
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    Will take a look at it.
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    Happens for me every time, regardless of the forum I'm jumping to. Only seems to happen in forum jump mode - all the other links work fine.
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    It happens on the first page of every thread. Caused by the URL changes we made last week. Will resolve it shortly.
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    thanks for the info.... and the prompt response.
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    Hi There...

    The Forum jump was working yesterday, but it seems to have gone haywire again....

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