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    This is a thread to discuss documentation of Legacy webOS.

    I guess the categories are:
    • User information (how to operate the system and hardware)
    • Tweaking (how users can enhance or fix webOS)
    • App development
    • System development / Hacking

    • Official sources (generally Palm & HP sites)
    • 3rd party websites
    • Forums
    • Archives (including off-line)

    As various sources date, break or get removed, the aim is to ensure the documentation is preserved. Options:
    • Preserve or encourage the maintenance of the original site.
    • Recover 'lost' material
    • Rehost material
    • Update existing material
    • Generate new material

    This thread will identify and list documentation by category or specific source and discuss the best preservation approach to take.
    • Preserve things as they are.
    • Link to archives
    • Consolidate data on a few sites
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    So a suggestion might be:
    • News - pivotCE
    • User information - The pivotCE Guide
    • Tweaking (how users can enhance or fix webOS) - ???
    • App development - Site dedicated to Enyo / Mojo and other app coding methods
    • System development / Hacking - webOS Internals
    • Main forum - webOS Nation

    Possibly tweaking should also be on the webOS Internals wiki. There is of course a danger in splitting things up too much as there is overlap in all areas. Articles on pivotCE can highlight interesting developments in all areas.
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    I like the idea of this a lot. especially considering im just coming back so as to help avoid the week long pain of rooting around for others. My only advice would be something thats more inclusive. Going around searching 20 different sources makes things more difficult. For resources such as files Im already looking into hosting as I own my own domain.

    The real problem is maintenance. Things like wiki's get dated fast and need updating regularly. We all have lives and get busy so im not sure how that can be accomplished unless someone can live solely by donation's to just maintain things.

    Overall having one giant source encompassing as much as possible would make things easier.

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