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Using one Palm Profile at 2 phones NOT at same time
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my veer needs to be repaired by Palm. I have a spare veer bought at the same time running webos 2.1.1.

I want to try the following: leave my veer 1 as it is, turn it off, take the SIM out and send it to Palm. In the meantime I would like to have everything on the spare veer 2 by using the old profile. USB drive and save/restore is in place. After the veer 1 returns, I want to turn off veer 2 and only use my veer 1 again.

Is this possible? I read somewhere that I would have to erase veer 1 from a list first when signing into the profile with veer 2. What effect does that have?

P.s. If I let Palm know that My phone has a hardware issue for sure, will they refrain from wiping my phone?

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You can try cloning the phone, though I'm not sure how successful you would be. Pack up /var and other partitions, and restore them on to the other phone. Dump out the tokens, edit bits of them, and write it to the other phone. The problem I sense is the IMEI, and you can't legally clone that, and it's what's used as the device id on phones, so the profile servers might think you're trying to register a new phone.

For what you describe, the profile server will definitely replace your old phone for your spare. I'm not sure if you can go backwards.
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Afaik you don't need to do anything special here. When you log your 2nd Veer into your profile, it will take the place of the original one and restore all it's data and apps. When you get your original one back (it would almost surely come back freshly doctored), if you want to switch back to it just log it into your profile and it will kick the 2nd Veer out. If you want to keep the apps and data on the second Veer intact, you'll need to use Impostah to log it out of your Palm Profile first (see http://www.webos-internals.org/wiki/StopDeviceWipe).
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I sorta have the same issue. Just changed to a Pre 3 4 days ago from Pixi Plus. Though, my original backup from the pixi didnt come thru on the Pre 3 (instead i got one from 6 months ago), so i wanna go back into the pixi and get my notes. Anyone know how i could do that without clucking up my profile further?

If i could avoid taking the sim out of the Pre 3, i would prefer that. Anyone?

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