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    Reposted for the other sub forum because of a lack of help.

    Yesterday I went to use quickinstall to remove my theme and for some reason it didn't remove it but said it did. The theme was not present in either preware or quickinstall. So I figured what the heck, I've got a couple of corrupt patch installs anyway, i'll just doctor the phone and get a fresh install of webos for 1.4 tomorrow. After a visit to the doctor I noticed that the working patches are all gone but it still says the corrupt patches are there, also my pandora, accuweather and music player remix icons are still my theme icons.

    So I guess my questions are #1 can someone rip the stock pandora, accuweather, and music player remix icons send them to me and then show me a tutorial on how to replace them?

    and #2 can anyone tell me why the doctor doesn't wipe everything now?

    Thanks Guys!
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    My understanding is that the current version of the doctor leaves the USB part of the phone alone, where the patches and assorted other items are stored.

    If you are willing to try you could do a Full Erase (Device Info>Reset Options>Full Erase) to clear the USB part then a doctor to reset everything else.

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